Successful Ageing in Korea - Prof Dong Hee Han




Abstract - Successful Ageing in Korea

Population ageing is a global population trend. In particular, Asia accounted for 57% of the older persons (65 years or older) living in the world in 2010, 1 in 10 persons living in North-East Asia was 65 years or older. In 2025, however, their proportion will increase to 1 in 5 persons, and in 2050, it is projected that 1 in 3 persons in the sub region will be 65 years or older.

Numerous social changes have emerged in our contemporary society. In particular, the increase of the old age population have brought along various challenges and opportunities to many different fields. Aging will be an opportunity if understood holistically and supported as a significant societal feature. Therefore we need to develop innovative efforts and evidences.

This presentation will be focused on three aspects: Korean Aging, Policies of Aging and Innovative Development Agendas in Korea. Not in one aspects but All three aspects are necessary to support Active Aging.


About the Speaker - Prof Dong Hee Han

Dr. Donghee Han is Director of Research Institute of Science for the Better Living of the Elderly (RISBLE), she was also invited professor in Kosin University, Director Healthy Family Support Center and Secretary General of Research Center for Anti-Aging Technology Development in Busan, Korea.

She is Korean representative board member of the Active Ageing Consortium Asia Pacific (ACAP) and board member on the Korean Gerontological Society.

She won Korean government awards for RISBLE programs "Information and Culture in Cyber Spaces for Older Persons" and "Re-design for Dementia Patients and their Families. She has developed innovative programs for older people by ICT; Cyber Family, Cyber Neighbours, Internet Navigators, so on. She also served on Korean Representative INPEA (International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse) in 2002-2012. She is a columnist writing on various topics of aging on newspapers and broadcast in Korea. She is leading a new approach to rethink aging for a better life.