GS Conference 2019

The Art and Science of Ageing Well

Saturday 24 August 2019

  10TH Henry Lim Lecture: Ageing Well – Is the best yet to be ?   Dr William Wan  
  Plenary Lecture: NUS Age Well Everyday (AWE) Program - First Results from A Community Translational Study on Dementia Prevention in Singapore   A/P Goh Lee Gan  
Symposium 1
Age Well Everyday (AWE) Programme
  Organizing the AWE Programme   Gopal Kanapathy  
  Music Reminiscence   Abdul Rashid Ibrahim  
  Mindful Awareness Practice   Roy Cheng  
  Gardening and Meridian Flapping Exercise   Pung Hoi Toh  
Symposium 2
Lifelong Education and Training
  Evidence-based Principles for Coaching Older Learners      
  Second Acts after 65       
  Don’t Let the Old Man In   George Thia  
Symposium 3
Social Gerontology – Ageing in Community
  Evaluation of the Community Development of ComSA: Findings and Lessons Learned      
  Enhancing Community Approach to Bereavement Care      
  Ageing Neighbourhood in Japan: Re-creating Shophouses for Community Support and Care   Leng Leng Thang  
Symposium 4
Arts, Music and Spiritual Care
  Healthy and Creative Ageing: The Arts for Ageing Well      
  Spirituality of Ageing      
  Music Therapy in the Continuum of Geriatric Care