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President’s Message

Greetings to all members of the Gerontological Society.

 Welcome to the New Normal. The Covid19 pandemic has brought about major economic and social devastation. While businesses and other institutions are struggling and adapting to this new normal, we too have been affected.

 We have just successfully concluded our 34th Annual General Meeting via zoom and held our first ever online forum titled “Challenges and Opportunities for Gerontology in the New Normal” with members. We thank Council members Ms Phyllis Lee and Ms Anita Ho for serving two years as our Hon. Treasurer and Asst Treasurer. Taking over will be Mr Wong Lit Shoon and Mr Laurence Wee. We thank Dr Tan Jit Seng for our accepting the nomination to be our Hon. Auditor for this financial year.

 We also want to thank the following individuals and organizations for their invaluable contributions and support to the Society:

  • Mr Arthur Lim  as Hon. Auditor for FY 2019/20
  • Mr Dennis Lim  for continuing as Hon. Legal Advisor
  • Mr Raymond Lim, Hon. Member, for his generous support to the Society
  • Prof Kua Ee Heok, Hon. Advisor, for continued guidance to the Council
  • Lee Foundation
  • Metropolitan Broking Services
  • LKY School of Public Policy
  • Nanyang Technological University
  • Singapore University of Social Sciences
  • Temasek Polytechnic
  • National Council of Service
  • Presbyterian Community Services

 The Society will be organizing a series of webinars to address some of the pertinent issues raised at this recent forum. We have progressed much over the last 34 years and much credit does to the early pioneer members. The Society would not have existed and continued on till today without these volunteers, all sharing one common purpose and passion – to promote Gerontology.

 Next year is the 35th anniversary of the Society and we hope to organize something to make it a memorable one. If you have any ideas and/or would like to contribute in some way, do write to the Council via .

 In the meantime, continue to Stay Safe and Healthy!


Tristan Gwee